WEISSACH PORSCHE GT4 RS LWB SEATS - 99152140190A3G [PORSCHE 718/981/991/992]



This is a very Rare Offering.

SilverRocket acquired this pair of seats via a special order from Porsche in conjunction with the GT4 RS order. Almost impossible to get through the regular channels now.

- All New Condition
- Headrests with embroidered 'Weissach package' logo and 6-point seat belt for driver and passenger side in black.
- Compatible with 718 GT4/GT4 RS, 991.1/2 GT3/GT3 RS, 992 GT3/RS and all 981 models.
- Free international shipping


- Porsche 718/GT4/RS/Clubsport

- Porsche 981/GT4/Clubsport

- Porsche 991/992 GT3/RS


- These Porsche bucket seats are made under Germany Spec, a customized order directly from Porsche Germany. They do NOT have the occupancy sensor that is required by most NA laws, when installed on North American cars, the "Air Bag" warning lights on the center console may light up. NA Buyers need to go to a dealer to disable those warning lights.


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