Introducing the first ever Carbon Fiber Roll Cage & Harness Bar in the world for Porsche 718 Cayman GT4RS


  • Made with 100% Aerospace-Grade Dry Carbon Fiber
  • Aesthetically Tailor-made for GT4 RS 
  • Exceeds FIA Safety Standard for Race Cars
  • Built-in FIA Safety Standard Harness Bar
  • Zero Rear-view Blockage 


  • Porsche 718 GT4 RS  
  • All Porsche 718 Models

Important Note

This product is for track use only. 

The world’s first GT4 RS Roll Cage & Harness bar made with 100% Aerospace-Grade Dry Carbon Fiber

Aesthetically Tailor-made for GT4 RS

Say NO to ugly roll cages for your beautiful GT4 RS. From the overall structure design to the perfection of surface treatment, our 5-time IF/Reddot Design Award winning team crafted this extraordinary-looking roll cage specifically for the GT4 RS, making it as gorgeous as the Porsche Weissach Package.

Advanced manufacturing process for ultra strength and lightweight performance.

Thanks to our proprietary manufacturing method and aerospace-grade material, the entire SR dry carbon fiber roll cage & harness bar only weighs 7.6kg (16.7 lbs) but obtains superb rigidity to withstand 5,584kg (12,310 lbs) of pressure.

Unique Octagon-shape Monocoque Structure

30+ layers of aerospace-grade dry carbon fiber sheets are used to form this unique octagon-shaped monocoque structure, resulting in the strongest & lightest roll cage in the market for your GT4 RS.

Proprietary SR-Orientation Roll-Wrap method

Based on the CAE stress analysis, 29 layers of uni-directional carbon fiber cloths are laid in a proprietary direction during the manufacturing process against the impact force direction to achieve optimal strength and rigidity at specific angles.

Exceeds the FIA Safety Standard for Race Cars

Our roll cage surpasses the latest FIA 2023 Safety Requirements (2023 Appendix J – Article 253) for roll cages in race cars, which mandates withstanding 12,311 lbs of pressure to protect racers in serious crashes.

Built-In FIA Safety Standard HARNESS BAR

In addition to the roll cage, we have a built-in FIA Safety Standard harness bar positioned at the ideal height for the safest angle (0° to -20°) required by the FIA to use a 6-point racing harness.

Zero Rear-view Blockage

Our roll cage stays out of sight while driving. We believe your rearview mirror is reserved exclusively for the road, not our beautiful roll cage. 

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Reserve Your Allocation now

Due to high demand and the extremely complex manufacturing process of our carbon fiber roll cage, if you'd like to order, we recommend that you reserve your allocation spot immediately. The current estimated waiting time is 8-12 weeks, we will notify you to pay the full amount before the production of your roll begins.

Reserving a CF ROLL CAGE requires a $985 deposit, which can be applied towards the final purchase price. The deposit is fully refundable, but if you choose to refund your deposit, you will lose your place in line.