At SilverRocket, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of performance in the racing car industry. With our deep-rooted expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a groundbreaking upgrade for Porsche enthusiasts and motorsport aficionados. Prepare to experience the ultimate suspension transformation with the first debut of KW V4 Racing Coilover Kit, exclusively developed in collaboration with KW.

The KW V4 Racing Coilover Kit is tailored specifically for the Porsche GT4 RS, utilizing data derived from extensive track testing of both the GT4 RS Clubsport and GT4 RS Street Car. Our collaboration with KW allows us to fine-tune every aspect of the coilover kit to deliver a truly customized suspension system, meticulously engineered for maximum performance.

One of the standout features of the KW V4 Racing Coilover Kit is its customized spring rate. Through rigorous track testing and data analysis, we have precisely determined the optimal spring rate for the GT4 RS, striking the perfect balance between comfort, control, and uncompromising performance. This fine-tuned spring rate enables enhanced handling characteristics and improved track performance, allowing drivers to unleash the full potential of their GT4 RS.

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