We are very psyched to announce that the SilverRocket racing team has achieved the fastest lap time ever recorded by a Porsche GT4 car at the Shanghai International Circuit.


In the Porsche Sports Cup - Tag Heuer 1 Lap Time Competition held on October 21, 2023, the SilverRocket Racing Team's unmodified original power Porsche 718 GT4 RS equipped with a full set of SilverRocket performance kits finished the lap at 2 minutes and 13 seconds, achieving the fastest lap time for Porsche GT4 cars and second place overall, only trailing a highly modified 780 HP GT2 RS, yet beating over 30+ GT2 RS/GT3 RS/GT4 RS in the race. 2'13 is also the fastest lap time record by a GT/RS street car at the Shanghai International Circuit.

(Official Record of PSCC Tag Heuer 1 Lap Time Trial)

The SilverRocket Racing Team's 718 GT4 RS is equipped with a full set of SilverRocket performance kits aiming at maximizing aero performance like downforce and drag, including

-SR dry carbon fiber dive plane and lower side spoiler pack

-SR GT4 RS 3-inch wing riser

-SR dry carbon fiber Clubsport rear wing

-SR dry carbon fiber high-flow air intake scoop

-SR dry carbon fiber ducktail gurney flap

On top of that, in order to fully optimize the vehicle, we also upgraded our GT4 RS with Michelin Cup 2 tires, customized KW V4 racing coilover kit, Akropovič titanium alloy exhaust system, lightweight carbon fiber doors with resin side window assembly, Recaro dry carbon fiber full bucket seat, and Porsche lightweight magnesium center-lock wheels, all of which have significantly improved the car's aerodynamics, handling, weight, and power.

In addition to the hardware upgrades, the SilverRocket Racing Team's engineers and drivers also underwent extensive on-track testing and parameter tuning, making numerous adjustments and experiments to various parameters such as suspension settings, tire settings, and rear wing angle. The overall upgrades and tuning have enabled the SilverRocket 718 GT4 RS to achieve the highest level of lightweighting, power, and handling. Coupled with the excellent performance of the SilverRocket driver, the team was able to refresh the Shanghai International Circuit's GT4 car lap time record in the October race.

This is a strong testament of our team's engineering capability as well as the quality of our performance kit, if you also want to unleash the true potential of your GT4 RS model, visit https://silverrocket.co/collections/porsche-718-gt4-rs to see the whole list of parts developed by us and our partners that helped us obtaining this amazing record.